Tuesday, October 28, 2008


BBC went a little crazy today with the 'quotes'. I have a thing that loads on my window that will show me the latest news stories of the day. I opened this one, simply because...well, take a look first.

I was a little curious as to how this boy had been 'killed'. What happens when you're 'killed'? Apparently you just die....same as being killed. Weird.

So anyways, I went to look at some more of the stories, and I realized--like every other story had the quotes on it! Look at this.

What does it mean when you 'open a naval base'? Does it exist in Narnia?
Or what exactly is a 'murder plot'? Were they only planning on 'killing' him?
What happens if I want a 'full' artificial heart transplant? I thought usually they only gave you like half a heart, or sometimes they just stop most of the way through the surgery and tell you that you're done.

Really, if you're going to 'quote' someone, just quote the whole thing. Or think of your own words. It's called a thesaurus.

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