Friday, October 24, 2008


Can I post a song on here? I really think it's the best/only way for me to actually convey my current emotion.

Well, since I don't know how, although I'm sure its a possibility, I will attempt to tell about what I'm feeling. I guess you could say that I am content. Serene. Peaceful. Happy. The song that I would like to put on here is the Clair de Lune. I love that song. It's so peaceful and calming (perhaps why I feel this way--I'm listening to the song right now).

I think fall just does this to me though. Something about fall just makes me so happy. Even though the weather isn't quite as warm as I wish it was, it's still fall. The leaves are changing colors and falling (which provides limitless entertainment for me; I absolutely love stepping on crunchy leaves), the air just smells different, and fall just brings a kind of anticipation for me. Fall and spring seem to be the intermediary seasons, the ones that merge the two extremes of summer and winter. Whether you like the extreme that is coming, this anticipatory season just makes you eager for the oncoming change. At least it does to me. I'm not the biggest fan of winter (I probably wouldn't join its group on Facebook), but it does have its perks. Christmas, sledding, hot chocolate, fires, and hobo gloves (the ones that have the ends of the fingers cut off and the mitten part that you can pull over the top), among other things. I don't know if I can really say what it is that fall does, but it makes me happy at least.

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