Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well, I guess I just feel like its been awhile since I've written. I currently have yet to really think of something to write about, but I think I gained a little inspiration by visiting the house of the Lord this evening.

First off, its kinda funny, but mostly sad, how quickly you can forget things. I wanted so badly to write down what I was thinking about while I was there, but I forgot to bring a pen and paper, so I was down on my luck there. But it's ok. Note to self: next time, bring something to write on. Normally I do, I was just being silly this time.

Secondly, I really hate going somewhere you find so special and sacred to you (that's not the end of the sentence, don't worry) and have someone there completely disregard that, and pretty much ruin the experience for you. There was a man sitting in front of me in the chapel who was humming the entire time I was there. I had to read the same verse probably 6 times in order to really get it, because I just couldn't tune him out! And then he decided that it was ok to talk to the man next to him about whether or not so-and-so was trying out for the Christmas choir, etc. I could hardly believe this man. Could that really not wait? I hope that I don't go places and make other people feel this way. Or at least, if I do, that they tell me.

I don't mean to be mean or angry. Just a thought I suppose. Perhaps I have prevented one of you from humming while in the temple and interrupting someone else's spiritual experience. I hope so.

Lastly, I would like to share something that I have been thinking about lately. How much better would our world be if we all took the time to help just one person every day? Personally, I try to look for opportunities to help someone as I walk around on campus, sit in classes, or am just at work. What can I do to make someone's day better? I think if the world needs anything, it needs for people to stop for just a moment and look outside themselves to see the needs of others for just a moment. I feel like I should be standing on a stage in an outrageous gown with my hair frizzed up to high heaven and loads of makeup on, with a tiara and a Miss America sash around me, but honestly, I truly believe that one person, perhaps even you or I, can make a difference in this world. Even if the difference is only to one person, then perhaps they make the difference to another, and then another.

This reminds me of the movie Pocahontas, where Grandmother Willow shows Pocahontas and John Smith something. She dips one of her branches into the river, and of course, it makes a ripple. Then she says this: "So small at first, but look how they grow! But someone has to start them...Sometimes, the right path is not the easiest one."

I hope that by doing something for someone, I can start a ripple. It may not be the easiest thing to do, but it is certainly worth it.

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Shawn and Cami and Max said...

I had no idea you were updating your blog!! Thanks a lot for telling me. Today Max and I are making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Jealous!!??!! And we're going to figure out how to change the background on the blog. Wish us luck.