Tuesday, September 30, 2008


One day, I would like to find something that I am really really good at.

For example, I had always felt like I had at least some kind of particular talent in music. I knew I wasn't the best, but I had a little something. Well, yesterday I went to a modern dance class that Stephen accompanies for, and he made me play the drums. I felt like I was doing ok, but then he'd stop me and show me something to do. And I'd feel like an idiot! He was so good! Granted, he is a composer and a music major, which gives him every right to be amazing. I guess that now that I'm around him a lot, I just don't feel like my musical talents are as great as I once thought they were. He overshadows me by a long shot, which is totally fine, but....yeah.

So, now I'm just trying to find something to be good at. The problem is, I'm thinking its going to have to be something new, and you don't start something new and start out being phenomenal. It takes time. So I guess I'll have to just do what the scriptures say and build and develop my talents.

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