Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rush, rush, rush....take a moment to breathe.

Lately I feel like all I ever do is rush. I'm rushing to get to class, to work, to get my homework done, etc. It seems like I've always got to get to something, get something done for something else, or something to do for someone. Wow, that was a lot of some's....anyways. I feel like my days are so jam-packed full of things for me to do, and usually its something that I don't necessarily want to do, but I have to. Or I feel obligated to someone. Either way, I need to find a way to make time for myself, other than when I'm in the shower.
Another thing I've been thinking about today is something we talked about a little in Sunday School. We were talking about how we let worldly things take precedence over spiritual things, and I made a comment about how sometimes I get so frustrated with myself, because I can spend all day thinking about the test I just took, or the date I went on the other night, or some other stupid thing, but I never stop to take a moment to think about Christ or the gospel. And you would think that I would, going to a school like BYU. I guess that's just one thing that I realized I need to work on.
So, the goals are: 1) make more time for the Lord, and 2) make more time for myself.
Good goals.

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