Thursday, February 18, 2010

Secret #15

Things that are funny when they're happening to someone else, but not so funny when they're happening to you:
1) Running while wearing a backpack.

2) Trying to push open a door, only to realize that you're supposed to pull it.

a) Expecting a door to be really heavy and pulling on it really hard, only to have it fly open.

3) Getting locked out of your apartment while it's raining and you have class in 15 minutes

4) Finding out that something went wrong at work and having to be the one to tell your boss.

5) Finding out that all your life you thought a word was pronounced one way, only to find that you've been saying it wrong your whole life. And finding out by saying it wrong in front of someone.

6) Falling asleep in class and either doing the head bob, or waking up by majorly jumping.

7) Forgetting the teacher's name when you're saying the prayer in class.

8) Being on a horribly awkward date.

9) Wearing high-water pants.

10) Running out of ideas for your list on a blog post.

Many of these have happened to me recently. It's a good thing I have such a good sense of humor, and that I like to make other people laugh. :)

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