Saturday, February 20, 2010


So today I competed in my very first open ballroom competition. I danced in the Novice level, which consists of waltz and quickstep, and in the Pre-Champ level, which consists of waltz, tango, fox trot, and quickstep.

Considering the conditions (my partner and I have only been dancing together for a month, and in that month I've learned all four dances, and especially that i FINISHED learning the fox trot and the tango routines *this week*), we did okay. Not great, but okay. I'm considering it a practice round, because it was my first time competing. Next up: Nationals, in one month. Crazy!

Now to the real point of this post. Because of my competition, I put on fake nails. I hate wearing fake nails. They're completely debilitating. It's taken me twice as long to write this post because I can hardly type. I've moped and moaned about them all day, and I just discovered a major upside to these nails.

I started to take my hair out (not literally out, but I had it in a fancy updo, and that's what I was taking out), and then I started brushing it out with my fingers. And that's when I discovered it: the best feeling in the world is fake fingernails on your scalp. Especially when your hair has been glued to your head all day. It's heavenly.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for giving me these fake nails, and then giving me the opportunity to see the bright side of things.

*I just noticed another good thing about these nails. I love the clicking sound they make when I use the track pad on my computer. :)

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McCall said...

Oh man, you've just reminded me of all the reasons why I want fake nails at all times. Well, almost all. If you still have the nails, try gently running them along your arms, it feels incredible :)