Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This morning, I was walking to work. I was in a bit of a hurry, because I was slightly late, and also didn't know exactly how long it would take me to get there, seeing as I'd never walked there before. Because of my hurry, I was obviously walking rather quickly.

I saw some EFY boys playing some kind of game, and I discovered that as I watched them and tried to figure out just what it was they were doing, my pace slowed, even if only a tiny bit. But it slowed. I'd taken my mind and eyes off my goal, and it set me back. I realized that I didn't have time to slow down. I didn't have time to stop and see what they were doing.

I can look at this in a few different ways.

First, taking my eyes off my goal. Something I discovered about myself today is that without something to work towards, I am useless. At my secretarial job, I have to enter data every day. All the sheets of data are in separate folders, each dedicated to a different person. There, I have a goal. I know just how much I must complete, and I have a specific time in which I would like to finish this work. I have similar situations with things like classes, other jobs, etc. However, if I don't know how much I must complete, or if what I have to complete is ambiguous, I have absolutely no drive to get any part of it done. Without a goal, I'll never know just how high I can reach.

Second, lately I feel like all I do is rush. I get up early in the morning, but not early enough, so I have to rush to get ready and then out the door, with no breakfast. I work for four hours, and then I rush off to class. After I get out of class, I rush to the next job. I get off work, and then I can finally relax. The sad part is, I'm so used to rushing that I get home and I can't relax because I always feel like there's something I should be doing. I got home today and I was walking back to my apartment from my mailbox, and just about fell over because I was so physically tired. I need to find something that lets me relax.

That's a nice segue into the last point. Take some time. Relax. Live your life. But most importantly, enjoy it.

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