Sunday, June 7, 2009


A bit ago, I blogged about creeping under someone's umbrella, not really ever planning to do it, since I already have my own umbrella. Well, today it rained. I came out of the building in which I have church, and stood just under the eave, umbrella open and ready, waiting for the crosswalk to let us go. Then all of the sudden, my personal bubble was being invaded. I looked to my right, only to behold a guy who I did not know, but who was standing uncomfortably close to me in order to stand under my umbrella.

At first I was irritated. Who does he think he is, standing so close to me? He was literally touching me. I didn't know him! How dare he! And then I realized: this was my dream come true! Someone had finally done what I had always wanted to do, but didn't think anyone would actually do. Thereafter, I gladly shared my umbrella with him. Sadly, we parted just after we crossed the street, but those two minutes together may or may not have changed my life. I never found out his name, but to whoever he is: thank you.

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