Monday, June 15, 2009


Today I was sitting in the library studying for a test. I was also listening to my iPod. I'd been listening to it for awhile, just sitting there reading through my notes. Then, some movement caught my eye, so I looked down near my foot to see what it was. That's when I found out: it was my foot.

"That's weird." I thought to myself. "I'm not telling my foot to move..."

Not only was my foot moving, but it was moving to the beat of the music that I was listening to. Sometimes I think of things that I know I'll want to blog about, but I know I'll forget them if I don't write them down somewhere, and the most convenient place for that happens to be my phone. This is what I wrote:

Do you ever realize a part of your body is moving, even though you're not telling to, and didn't know until you saw it moving?

I'm not talking reflexes here, kids. I'm talking about major amounts of continuous movement. I sat and watched my foot move for the rest of the song. I wasn't aware that I was telling it to move...the strange thing is that this happens to me fairly often, and not just in my feet (although that's usually where this phenomenon occurs). My best guess as to why it happens is one or both of these reasons: 1) I dance so much that I don't even realize that I'm dancing non-stop, and/or 2) I have been a musician all my life, and I can't help but feel the beat of music.

I'm not really sure if this happens to anyone else...but this is me we're talking about here. The odds of me being abnormal are pretty high. :)

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Jared Heath said...

There was that one time I lost my arm...weirdest experience ever. Weirder even than that time I almost died on the way to eat beaver with some friends.

Loved the blog! :)