Saturday, March 14, 2009


This weekend, I did DanceSport! For those of you who don't know, DanceSport is a ballroom competition that BYU puts on every year, and it's a really big deal. On Friday night, I competed in Bronze Quickstep, and my partner and I made it all the way to Semi Finals! We're convinced that we would have made it to the Finals, if the judges had picked the right amount of couples (they were supposed to pick 6, and they only picked 5). But we did really well. On Saturday, I competed in the Triple Swing and the Waltz (I was supposed to compete in the Samba, but my partner wasn't able to make it). We only made it through 2 rounds of the Triple Swing, which was kind of disappointing. In the Waltz, we were dancing up a level, so I was sure we'd be cut after 2 rounds. Well, we made it through to the FOURTH round! We were pretty happy. Overall, DanceSport turned out pretty well. I only got pictures of the waltz, and here are a few. They're a little far away, but we're the couple wearing bright yellow. :)


Shawn and Cami and Max said...

You look cute in heels. You should wear them more often!!

Brooklyn said...

I wear them as often as I can. Which usually consists of Sundays. That's enough, right?