Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Don't player hate on me...

Ok, is one of you messing with me? She posted again!

"Im looking for a pool so my kids can enjoy for the summer i have 5 kids!!
If you have a pool that is not ripped and that is in good conditions! please sell it to me!! it has to be $20 or less! because i can waste that much money! Please give me a call if you have a pool that you can sell to me please give me a call so i can go take a look at it!
Thanks please contact me if you can sell one to me!! for a cheap price!!!
It can be any size i just want a pool for my children to enjoy!!"

Double exclamation points now. And if possible, even worse grammar.

I don't not see the connection here. Fess up, whoever you are! (yes, I used one. On purpose.)

(link to actual post)


Mique said...

Sounds like one of my old roommates. It's only missing about 7 smiley faces and a whole lot of caps lock, otherwise I'd be convinced it was her.

Mique said...

Um, also I'm doing research about scuba diving and I'm on the website for an actual diving business and they have this at the bottom:

"Where else in the world would you want to dive!!!!!"

No joke. Made me think of you.

just nikki said...

I agree with you whole-heartedly. I may not have perfect grammar, but at least I don't use 19 exclamation points in one paragraph.
- Nikki from Chrysalis