Sunday, January 10, 2010

Secret #8

I was talking to a friend today about soul mates...

And how they don't exist.

What we ended up deciding is that who you end up with just comes down to luck, really.

And that's when I realized that that's why so many 18 year-old girls get married at BYU:

Beginner's luck.


Laurie said...

I wouldn't use the word "luck", I just think that there are a lot of people(if all the die-hards want to use to the term "soul mates") that you can be compatible with in the world. Like President Uchtdorf said, if he didn't find his wife, he would've found someone else. But he loves his wife now more than anything ;)

Christopher Weiss said...

In my circles the statement is often made that "there's no settling down without settling for." Which at first glance may seem sad, but it's actually romantic when you think about it. You end up with the person you feel is worth putting up with all their crap.