Monday, July 13, 2009

Love it!

I love being home.


I couldn't make a list that long. But here's a few reasons, which are hardly comprehensive, but do scratch the surface.

-Lakes. Oh, the lakes. And no pools! Getting home from swimming and *not* smelling like chlorine is glorious. Not only that, but the lakes are absolutely gorgeous.

-Driving home at night (in my car, by myself, another thing I love) and seeing a raccoon cross the street. Don't see that in Provo. Love it, even though I hate coons. Ha ha

-Watching my dad with his dogs. I love seeing people do something they love, and my dad is such a passionate person. He loves working with his dogs, which makes me happy. :)

-The sound of my niece laughing. Although she's not always here when I'm here, she is this time. And she has the cutest laugh!

-Time. Relaxing. Both of which I don't get a lot of back in Provo. Oh, and the whole "hardly any responsibilities" thing. I don't have to go to work! I still have roughly a week left, and I can't imagine going back to work.

-Old friends. I was talking to one of my best friends and realized that he knew me back in the days of my blonde hair. In fact, most of the people here have known me that long. I don't think there are more than 10 people in Provo who have seen me with blonde hair. It's just nice to know that I go back so far with someone, and that I'm still in constant contact with him.

-Talking with my mom. Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm always talking to my mom, whether it be on the phone or texting, but it's so nice to be able to talk to her in person.

-Living in a house. It's so great to not be in an apartment. I don't have to worry about not stomping on the floor for fear that the people below us will hear, nor do I have to wonder what the strange sounds coming from the ceiling could possibly mean the people above us are doing. Not to mention having my own room (how I painted it in high school, and with an actual bedspread), my own bathroom, and a piano in my house!

-Not living in a college town! Not living in a big town! So much less traffic! Anything related to there being less people here, and the fact that the people who are here aren't 90% college students.

-Seeing my brother. I hardly get to talk to him, and he's been around a lot, which has been so great.

-Denny's! Triple Chocolate Meltdowns! Both of which I can get in Provo, but I can't get them with Travis there. :)

For now, that's it. I still have a week left here, so I'm sure this list will continue. Until next post, you can be jealous of how wonderfully blissful my life is.


Shawn and Cami and Max said...

You don't like my bedspread?

Brooklyn said...

I love your bedspread. This one matches the room decor though :)

Hailee said...

But lacking a certain me-quality. A definite downside