Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another addition to the list!

I had forgotten about the dynamics of a home ward. In student wards, you usually don't have the crazy old ladies, like the one who sings opera style every hymn so that everyone can hear her, or the one who tells stories for her Sunday School lesson that may or may not be a little sketchy, or the one who had brain surgery and says things at times that may be just a little inappropriate.
Or you have the old men falling asleep, and even the middle-aged men. And the young men, now that I think about it...
And actual 12 year-old deacons passing the sacrament, with 16 year-old priests blessing it!
And last, but not least, the noisy girls in the back row. The ones who are always laughing. I'll always fit in with those girls, whether they be 14 or 40. And now I know where I got it from - my mother. :)

Another thing that I love is how my niece says, "Grandpa". Somehow it turns out sounding like "Frawmpuh," and it makes me laugh every time. Kid has the cutest voice, I swear.

Also, just as a documentation of my life, I almost ran over a beaver the other night! I was driving home (it was actually about 3:30 AM; I was driving home from the Harry Potter premier) and I came around a corner, and it was crossing the street in the middle of my lane! I couldn't completely swerve and miss it, so I just aimed the middle of my car right over the top of it. I don't think I hit it, but that had to be quite a terrifying experience for the poor little guy. I'm not 100% sure it was a beaver, because it was rather small, but it was either that, or a very wet mole. I choose beaver. But cool to see, all the same!

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