Monday, February 16, 2009


I realize that a few of my posts lately have been kind of depressing. This is very misleading. I'm not depressed, I promise. I'm not even sad! I really can't even imagine things going any better than they are right now.

Lately on Facebook, people keep posting "25 Random Facts About Me." I refuse to fill one out (although my roommate did fill out a pretty funny one about me when I was gone and left my computer open. Check it out, it's pretty funny), but it has led me to a few days of introspection. If you have read my blog in the past, I often write about things I discover about myself. I have a few more, and although it may not be 25, here are some random (or not so random) things about me:

--I cannot wash my hands without getting my pants wet. I've tried many times, and I fail every time. Anyone who lived with me in Jerusalem probably experienced my rage at this fact at least once.

--I love tightening the loose handles on pots and pans. It really is one of my true joys. I don't know why. It's just a screw. I think I just like to fix stuff.

--I hate rollercoasters, but I love turbulence on airplanes. A little conflicting, I know, but I suppose it could be because I haven't experienced REALLY bad turbulence on an airplane yet. I like that feeling in your stomach, but only for a moment, which is why I like planes, but hate rollercoasters.

--During the winter, my hands are never a normal color. They are always a shade of either red or purple, and they're almost always freezing. Don't ask me why.

--I'm a hopeless romantic. I love it when guys are thoughtful, vocal, and honest. Although those things may not always lead to something romantic, I think they are essential.

--I hate the words unitard, crotch, and gonad.

--I love to sit down with someone and just listen to them talk. Sometimes I'll ask someone a question just to get them talking. I love to listen to their opinions, what's happening in their lives, their stories, hopes, dreams, everything.

So far, that's it. I'll probably think of some more at a later date and post them. So maybe this will become a progressive list of things about me.

Life is good.


Stephen Anderson said...

Why do you hate the word "Unitard"?

Brooklyn said...

Why not? It just sounds so wrong.