Monday, January 19, 2009

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

I feel like I should write. I don't know why, or what about, but here it comes.

How realistic is it to wish for something? I wish for a lot of things...many of which, I will never get or have. I hope in and for things, but I'm talking about wishes here. Almost every time I see that it's 11:11, or that I see a shooting star, or blow the fly-y things off of a dandelion, I wish for a pony. I'm not really sure why....I don't have the facilities to house a pony, nor do I have the time to take care of one. I wouldn't even fit on a pony. If I was to wish for something that was really useful, I'd wish for a horse. Or even better, an A in my physics class. It always seems that people, myself included, wish for things that probably don't have a high possibility of coming true. "I wish for a million dollars," or "I wish that so-and-so will notice me and that we will get married and live happily ever after (a little over-dramatic and not something I necessarily wish for, but sometimes it goes along those general lines)," or (in my case) "I wish for an A in physics." How useful is it to spend your time thinking about these things? Is it because we hope that in some off chance, the cosmos will rearrange and the gods will favor us and we will get the deepest desires of our hearts? And even then, I highly doubt that the deepest and most sincere desire of a person's heart is a million dollars. While a million dollars would be great, that's probably not something that's going to bring true and lasting happiness.

The question now becomes, what is it that really will bring that? What should we be wishing for? I certainly don't know. I'm the one who's still wishing for a pony, or for someone to call me, or for an A in physics.

I realized something the other day. Often I look forward to certain events in my life. I'll share what it was that made me think of this. I, as do many other girls, look forward to the day when I will get married. Even if you've just started dating someone, at least once you'll wonder if maybe he's "the one," and even if he's not, who that person will be. However, as I thought about this, I realized something. I look forward to these events, but I almost never think about what will happen after it occurs. Life continues after you get married. I fear that I have or will continue to spend so much time thinking simply about when I will get married, and that once I get there, I won't know what to do with myself. I'll be completely lost as to what to do next in my life. I'd spent so much time focusing on getting to that point, I hadn't even thought to plan past it. I'm still not sure what my life will be like after I get married. But I'm glad I've realized that I must think beyond the important events in my life. I'll not only be planning how my life will play out after I get married, but also after I graduate, if I go on a mission what will happen after that, etc.

I think the point of this post is to live in the present. It's no good to wish for the "good ol' days," nor to spend all your time thinking about and wishing for the future. Live your life for the days that you are currently in. How can you create the good old days? By making today a day worth remembering. It's not a bad thing to remember how things used to be, or to be excited for a coming event, but today is today, and you cannot change that.

A quote that is in my living room says, "If you can't find the circumstances you want in life, make them."

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