Saturday, January 10, 2009


So, I'm currently planning my lesson for my Gospel Doctrine class tomorrow. Now, I've been teaching Gospel Doctrine since the beginning of last semester, so you may not think that this is anything new for me. Well, if you thought that, then you'd be wrong.

Last semester, I taught with someone else. His name is Chris, and he is amazing. We loved teaching together. Our lessons were awesome. Well, at the beginning of this semester, the Sunday School Presidency decided that we were TOO good. They decided to split us up so that we could help the other teaching companionships. So they gave me a new partner, which I could learn to deal with. Except for one thing: this new guy is apparently pretty flaky in the first place, and he's also engaged. When they told me I'd be teaching with him, they said, "You'll probably be teaching alone sometimes..." I can't do that!!! I am TERRIFIED. I tried to get a hold of him this week, but he never got back to me, which I'm assuming means I'm teaching. By myself. I don't know if I can do it! Well, I know I can, but I'm just not sure how good of a lesson it'll be. I need Chris!! The lesson is stressing me out enough already. It's about the atonement. Wow. That one's stressful enough with two people, let alone one! There's just so much to cover, and I feel so inadequate to the task. I've been tempted to call Chris and ask him to help me, but I'd feel bad. And I don't even know if he'll be here this Sunday.

Any way I look at this, I have to teach. So....pray for me.


Stephen Anderson said...

I'll pray for you. And tomorrow I will come and stare at you, mwa ha ha ha.

No just kidding you're gonna be GREAT kiddo. You can call on my anytime. I can read the scriptures out loud like it's nobody's business.

Dressman said...

Hey...I know this isn't really relevant, but my blog address has changed. It's now
And I bet you did amazing. The end. :)

Laurie said...

Dude, your lessons rock my life. I try harder to participate during your lessons than anyone elses, which isn't saying much because I'm a pretty bad participant, but still! You rock it solo or team! I love your lessons!!