Saturday, April 7, 2012


Since we got married, Kagan and I have tried to "live off the land" if you will. How do we do this, living in an apartment complex, with no option of a garden or livestock? Let me tell you.

Every morning, I have a breakfast drink. It's fast, easy, and fairly healthy. The most important quality of this meal option is that it is fast. I generally don't have tons of time in the morning, so fast is best. This drink is usually consumed in the car, while on the way to work. I don't know if you've ever drank (drunk? I don't really know) out of a glass in a moving vehicle, but it's incredibly difficult. The perfect solution: drink out of a straw.

Another situation: I don't like ketchup. Kagan does, but he doesn't often eat things that he wants ketchup with. We don't really want to buy ketchup, just because Kagan eats it so rarely at home.

Here's the connection between the two: whenever we go out to eat at a fast food place, we just take a few extra straws, or maybe a couple packets of ketchup (ok, maybe more than a few), as our needs may be.

So, you see? We are living off the land. Being resourceful, if you will. I've never had to buy straws, and we've never bought a bottle of ketchup. However, our needs are met. Can't beat that.

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