Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pets vs. Babies

As the end of our housing contract approaches, Kagan and I have been discussing whether we want to renew and continue living where we currently are, or if we want to move. We decided that the only way we would move is if we found a place that was about the same price (or better, less) as our place (including utilities, which is difficult since the cost of our internet is included in our rent), in a good location, about the same size as our place, and, here's the clincher: allows pets. Yes, Kagan and I want to get a pet. Specifically, a dog.

I could go into the discussion of whether we really should get a dog or not, but that's not what we're here to talk about. We're here to talk about pet policies of apartments in Provo/Orem.

I'll start by saying this: it is incredibly difficult to find a place in Provo that allows pets, let alone a place that allows pets and isn't super expensive. No one wants to let you have pets in their apartments. I can understand that they don't want your dog to pee/poop all over the carpet or chew up the baseboards, puke up all its dog food on the carpet, etc. I get that.

Here's what I don't get: why do apartments not allow pets, but they DO allow people to have children in their homes? They're just as, if not more destructive than pets. Sure, a dog may poop or pee on your carpet, but unless it's got a pretty bad case of the runs, it's easy to clean up. Dogs generally aren't dumb enough to sit down in their poop and drag it all over the house, or to roll in it and dig it into the carpet. Oh no. Dogs would hardly ever do that.

But a child? Those things love poop. They have no problems reaching down the back of their diaper and grabbing a handful of whatever happens to be in there, and then drawing you a nice, incredibly smelly and hard to remove picture on your walls and carpet. And baby poop stinks. Not like dog poop doesn't stink, but baby poop is, 90% of the time, raunchy.

Then you have the issue of baby puke. Dogs puke. Occasionally it may get in your carpet and yeah, it stinks. You clean it up, and generally the smell goes away. If it doesn't, shampoo your carpets. Problem solved. However, how often do dogs puke? If there's something really wrong with your dog, maybe once a month.

But babies? They puke like every hour, on the hour, and every half hour in between that. And then it gets in your carpet, and boy, does that stuff stink. Sure, you can clean it up or even shampoo your carpet, but that stuff is lasting. Plus, you can't shampoo your carpet every day. You might as well just replace your carpet once a month. Let me tell you, I've gone to far more baby owners' homes whose houses smell like rotten milk (baby throw up) than dog owners homes whose houses smell like dirty nasty dog smell.

My point is this: what the heck, Provo? This is ridiculous.

Please, Provo, give me a place to live that is the criteria we're looking for. I will be forever grateful.


Jenni said...

Wow. I hope you and Kalgan are saving for a nice retirement home for when you get old because you dog(s) and other animals won't be able to take care of you like you did them. Good luck with the apartment search.

Anonymous said...

Lol, I'm having the same convos now.... I'm thinking I might spend the money on a house x I still think I'm too young x