Monday, April 18, 2011

School is hard

I'm having a really hard time focusing on the paper that I'm reading about the body weights of migrating and non-migrating eared grebes.

Sounds riveting, I know.

Finals week is hard. And I only have 1 real final (I have one test to take and one paper to write).

Just think, though...this is the second-to-last finals week that I'll have to go through in my undergraduate career (although it will probably be in my entire schooling career, as grad school is highly unlikely in my life).

Also, by the end of tomorrow, I will be done with my hellish birds class and then I will be forever tortured by my ability to identify 200 some-odd bird species just by sight. At least I won't be tested on it.

Ah....blast. This WON'T be the second-to-last finals week I will have. I forgot that I'm taking spring classes, which makes this my third-to-last finals week.

I was so close.

This post has no purpose.

School is almost over!!

P.S. I promise that once school is over for this semester that I will write real posts again. I have a good story coming up for you!!

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Shaina said...

When do you graduate?? I am taking Spring, off Summer, and then graduating in December, I am assuming that is your plan too. If it is we should have a grad party in December together!